Play Safety

CCEP | Consulting Coordination.

As Australasia's largest play safety engineering firm, CCEP has been at the forefront of playspace certification and design since 1987.

Certifying for manufacturers, government and private organisations, we pride ourselves on continuity, consistency, response time and professionalism.

As always, the safety of children is of upmost importance and there is no firm more experienced, or more qualified, to ensure your next play project is successful in ensuring this.

Be it a large commercial space, or small neighbourhood park, we work with designers, manufacturers, architects and other stakeholders at all levels to ensure design intent is not compromised, while maintaining compliance and ensuring safety.

Bryce Dodd

As son of the founder of Consulting Coordination, the late Clive Dodd, playground safety has always been close to Bryce’s heart. Bryce has over 10 years of industry experience in the play industry working alongside both playground manufacturers and play safety engineers. He holds a Bachelor of Business and is on the Register of Play Inspectors International; qualified as an RPii Annual Inspector. Through assisting manufactures, local government, private organisations, schools, early learning facilities and small business owners to design play spaces and help mitigate risk, Bryce has developed a vast body of knowledge. Additionally, Bryce provides expert witness for play related litigation, and as a result is passionate about child safety in both the public and the private sector and the importance of safe, fun, and educational play.

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